Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sg Lembu Trail 2nd Edition

Since no one is riding at Penang, so I decided to go to Sg Lembu again this morning. I thought it will be like last week, short and easy ride. But they took another route which is more tougher than last week. Lot of uphills and technical downhill. i do enjoyed it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sg Lembu Trail.

This was my 1st time joined the ride at mainland. Meet some new friends there. Humor gang. Thanks for waiting us due to our late coming. Great trail as well.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kayuhan JatiDiri 2008, 29/06/2008 Kuala Kangsar

This is my 1st outing with the KOTRT crew. I didn’t expect the trip to be so enjoyable, and kinda cool in a way…and hot! The KOTRT crew also live up to their slogan too; "Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride." Lot’s of foods was waiting we discovered later.
It was a sunny Saturday morning, I wished that I could separate into 2 bodies as it was my brother’s Graduation Ceremony . I had to give that a miss as I arranged to follow Pang’s car to Kuala Kangsar. Sorry bro, I hope I could be there too. Congratulations and all the best in your Advance Diploma study.
At 11.30am, Cauly and I met up with Pang, ST and Adrian. We reached Kuala Kangsar town around 1.00pm. We drove around a bit before locating the resort. We were told that we could only check in after 2.00pm. So, we went for lunch. Didn’t know Adrian has his roots here, so he knows where to find delicious food. We went to a shop named Chun Kee for our lunch served with a big fish; Dai How Wat Yu (the fish name in Cantonese), vegetables, egg and others. I just love this fish dish. I was informed by ST that it is an air tawar fish. Delicious! I give it 5 stars. Cauly took some photos of the fish too.
After lunch, we went to collect our goodie bags. There were some counters selling jerseys shorts and bags too. Next we headed for town to collect the famous PAU . Adrian ordered a lot for our crew. There are 2 types of PAU; beef and chicken. I tried both and I only have one word for it...Ho Chiak!
We went back to the resort, checked into the dorm and unloaded our bikes. We took a fresh shower and nap. A while later, we were joined by Jascha and Sue. It was a hot day and there was no air-cond in our dorm, only fans. Jascha and Sue offered some Tiger beer but we politely gave it a pass. After our nap, Cauly and I decided to go shopping in Ipoh. It took us 30 mins to get there. I bought some shirts and we rushed back to Kuala Kangsar to join the rest for dinner.
We returned to the same shop we had our lunch earlier. We ordered different fish dish this time. Fish was nice but we were surprised to see our local politician, Lim Kit Siang having his dinner at the same shop. You can imagine how popular this restaurant is. Even Mr DAP comes here to eat! He came over and greeted everyone. Cauly wanted to take a picture with him but changed her mind, shy?
After dinner, we swung by a mini market to get some snacks for breakfast and then back to our dorm for much needed rest before the rest of the crew came in.
None of us could sleep well as it was very humid in our dorm. It was almost 12.00am when the rest of the crew arrived. By then the dorm got hotter and more humid with 17 people sharing our unit! I really sweated it out! All the humidity was forgotten as the guys dug into the PAU Adrian bought earlier. We had a mini PAU party! Everyone helped themselves to the chicken and beef PAU although it was so late already!
The next morning, I woke up early hoping to beat everyone to the toilet. We had to leave early as the event would flag off at 7.00am. We gathered outside after gearing up. Cauly asked me for the KOTRT jersey as she likes the design very much. Sadly, I told her that we can’t get it as it is not for sale. I wished I had one too my dear. We went for a quick drink near Laman Budaya before gathering at the starting point.
We were flagged off after the briefing. Everyone paddled very fast towards the trail head. Cauly and I were separated form the rest of the crew. Eventually, we caught up with some of the crew who waited for Azmi who was fixing a flat. What an unlucky day for him? The trail was nice to ride. Not very steep but with fast and furious downhill. This time, I promised my dear Cauly to accompany her to complete the ride, so no speeding for me. Along the way, we passed through some big boulders, dragon fruit farm and rubber estate. We took some photos for collection.
Somewhere in the middle of the trail, we had a mini incident; Cauly got separated from me and lost her way! Oh no! She got lost again? Last year Jamboree, she wandered off on her own and I couldn’t find her. This time, I was worried sick as she must have taken a wrong turn earlier. I keep calling out for her many times. Thank God, we found each other at check point 3. Apparently she back tracked and found her way out. After that I cycled with her all the way to the finish line.
We finished our ride at 11.15am. It took us 4 hours to complete the ride. I checked my heart rate meter, my average heart rate was just 155. Ha-ha-ha… leisured ride for me. Without wasting any more time, we cycled back to our dorm. TalkKOTRT session had already started but the crew cheered and congratulated us the minute we entered the dorm. After a quick shower it was time to eat.
We went to an ikan bakar restaurant at Lenggong along the way to Grik. Can't imagine a restaurant along this road. What surprised me more was the ikan bakar there. Wow! Nice leh! After makan, we headed back to Kuala Kangsar to collect some more PAU that Adrian ordered. Cauly was disappointed as the shop ran out of PAU for her to buy. NO reserve, No PAU! Don't worry my dear; we can always have it next time. We balik kampong masing-masing after we hit the hi way.
Overall, we enjoyed the trip although the only complain was our hot and humid dorm! We look forward to our next outing with KOTRT but please can we stay in a dorm with air-con next time? See you guys at SP Jamboree on 10 August then.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SP MTB Jamboree 2008

The SP MTB Jamboree 2008 is back. Check out the link below for more information. See you there.